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Different Dogs

Stress and Anxiety

There are many reasons why your dog may be experiencing levels of anxiety and stress. This could be being rescued/rehomed, attacked by another dog or human, changes in circumstances, physical pain, loud noises etc. 

Massage massively helps build confidence in shy and fearful dogs and provides amazing physical and emotional benefits. Gentle massage not only releases tension but is powerful in building a dog's self-confidence, feelings of trust and relaxation. Teaching a dog that hands make good things happen, calms the fight or flight response, lowers stress hormones, boosts endorphins, and thus promotes comfort and bonding. 

Working / Agility dogs

If your dog takes part in a fast paced activity or job, with quick twists, turns and sudden brakes they are susceptible to injury. Massage can be extremely beneficial for the active or working dog. Whether it is fly ball, gun dogs, agility, sheep dogs, assistance dogs, etc, there are many benefits. 

Canine massage can help with unwillingness to carry out tasks, premature ageing, loss of interest, not comfortable in movement, general slowing down and many other performance issues. As well as reducing the incidence of injury by maintaining healthy musckes. 

Senior dogs


As your dog ages, their body can slow down with joints and muscles not functioning 100%. The wear and tear on the bodies from an active life may start to show. This can be due to sore overused muscles, orthopaedic conditions and lack of fluid in the joints. 

Massage can make a dramatic difference, treating areas of soreness, minimising pain and reducing stiffness. It also helps improve circulation, muscle mass and range of movement. Massage also stimulates weak muscles, helping them stabilise and contribute to a more balanced and happier life.

Puppies / Young and Healthy dogs

Puppy massage can help to ensure the development of good joint stability, correct muscle patterning and spatial awareness. Massage also has a calming effect on excitable, teething puppies, and eases the discomfort that accompanies rapid bone and muscle growth whilst assisting the development of good spatial awareness. It also is an excellent way to build bonds and reduce the risk of injury in adventurous pups. 


In young and healthy dogs, maintenance massage can assist in protecting the bones of young athletic dogs from injury and builds resiliency. 

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