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Clinical Canine Massage Therapy is a non-invasive therapy that helps to rehabilitate dogs from soft tissue / muscular injuries and supports orthopaedic conditions like arthritis.



My name is Melissa, a fully insured and first aid qualified Canine Massage Therapist working in the Berkshire and Surrey area.

I am a registered member of the IAAT (International Association of Animal Therapists).

My passion since I was little has always been animals. They were always my greatest companions and with whom I felt most comfortable. Whilst working at a countryside dog retreat, I pursued my passion by studying Canine Massage, and thus Melissa Castle Canine Massage Therapy was created.

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 All therapy is carried out at my custom-built, canine massage therapy cabin - "The Wild at Heart Den". The cabin has been purposely built to provide a relaxing and calming environment for your dog. All massages are conducted on a custom-made orthopaedic dog bed, to avoid pressure on sensitive areas and provide improved sleep quality. It ensures an even distribution of weight across a dog's body, with pressure on sensitive inflamed areas being minimised. 


My mission is to create a safe and comfortable environment for your dog, with every dog handled with patience and warmth, sensitive to their individual needs. 


All products that I use including skin and coat oil are 100% derived from natural ingredients, each hand-made to be better for your pup and good for the environment.


"Marmalade has seen Melissa for an initial consultation and two massage therapy sessions. My labrador is 11 years old and is understandably slowing down. Melissa explained her observations from her examination and what is the best treatment moving forward. I have found Marmalade sprightly and more mobile after seeing Melissa. Our vet is delighted she is receiving massage therapy as part of an ongoing senior maintenance routine to support her wellbeing. Melissa is super friendly and helpful, and I highly recommend her."

- Sam Cader

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